Hi! I am Sophia! It is an honor to be of service to you! My mission is to support other being’s in coming home to themselves on a deep level. I have dedicated my life to a path of healing, inner work and continue to add modalities and training's to be of utmost support to the world. I have an ability to feel into what is underneath your words/pain/dis-ease and address them with tools and techniques. I am also a dual-lineage carrier of Kundalini which supports you in learning yourself in a way that is beyond mind, reminding you that you are your own guru! Message me so we can find out the right offering for you! WhatsApp +1 330 858 6027



Kundalini Blueprint Activation - 1.5 hours together for the transmission (2 hours of work before reading) - $220

  • A deep dive into your unique makeup in relation to the 10 bodies of Kundalini. It is a peering into your soul’s blueprint. This transmission is a remembrance on a cellular level of who you incarnated to be with solid points of awareness, tools and practices to support that alignment. Be prepared for a life changing activation.

Personalized Kundalini Sadhana - 40 day transformation - $360

(hours of research on my end. 1.5 hours with you to transmit the practices and set you up powerfully)

  • An ancient structure to shift you into a new paradigm. With whatever you are working on in your life right now, we will find the perfect 40 day evolutionary practice for you to take on which will quantum leap you in the direction you desire. A Sadhana consists of a Kundalini Kriya (specific practice of movements and pranayamas for a certain result), mantras & meditation. We will create a Quantum Program together to design what you will have cultivated at the end of your 40 days. Journaling prompts, personalized playlists and external support provided.  Must be willing to commit, deeply.

Reiki Energetics - 1 hour - $120 1.5 hours - $150

  • Pain? Heaviness? Stuck energy? Chaos of mind? I have been trained in a number of reiki lineages to support moving this stored energy through your vessel. Every physical ailment has an underlying energetic conversation - this is a way to address the conversation and transmute the densities, leaving you feeling calm, clear, grounded and renewed.

Jin Shin Acutouch - 1 hour $120 1.5 hours - $150

  • An energetic modality where we focus on direct meridian lines of the body. It is like acupuncture but with fingers. This is better for deep pain from accidents, dis-ease, etc. It moves deep-seeded energetics right on out of the body and focuses on a specific pathway that your pain resides in. Clients have gone off of pain meds after a few sessions.

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