Integration & Soul Alignment Sessions

Working on a one to one individual basis, we delve in deep to see where you are at on your personal soul journey. Looking to harmonize any imbalances, move forward, integrate and shed any false ideas that are not in congruence with the being you are here to be. Specializing in rewriting childhood psychological programming. Recognizing and overcoming addictions. Inner child reconnection. Cultural deprogramming: Shifting the perspective of our personal worldview to come into a more harmonious relationship with Self and others.

Along with the talk sessions you will receive supportive material and tools such as guided meditations, journaling assignments, self inquiry and practical tasks for self development

Free 30 mins discovery consultation

Minimum one month package of four one hour weekly sessions. Conducted in person or via zoom

Cost $500 or 3 month package $1200


Reiki & Light Activation

A one hour healing session - Opening the space with a chat about how you are physically and emotionally. Once you're comfortably lying down on a therapy table you shall be guided into a calm relaxed state of being. Ahisha will then move around your energy body rebalancing and flowing gentle healing energies from source, assisted with healing crystals and sound frequencies. Using light language, vocal toning and specialist frequency specific healing instruments and crystal bowls you will be bathed in light and sound. Ahisha is a highly intuitive healer and channel, tapping into source and the Akashic records during this session to retrieve information and guidance for you in accordance with your soul's journey. This will be shared in the integration time after the session.

Total session time 90 mins - Cost $90

Finca Mia

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