Our Healers

At Finca Mia we offer a variety of massage and spa services to help you heal, relax and make the most of your stay here. Meet our healers and holistic practitioners each offering a unique practice and experience that will encourage and enhance healing throughout your body and soul.

Our Masseuses

Thai Massage

Diana combines ancient Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) with a slow, deep and gentle touch. Her massages can be tailored to your preference of depth and help release toxins and tension

Diana is certified as Advanced Practitioner by the Thai Healing Alliance International and has been sharing the practice for 14 years. 

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Deep Tissue Massage

Katinka has over 20 years of experience working with the body and its energy to let it ebb and flow. Her knowledge of deep tissue and Swedish massage has been combined into a unique style and refined technique. The flowing massage helps to release muscle tension and stagnant energy.

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Massage and Spa

Nina has been a bodyworker and masseuse for 33 years, having studied and taught several modalities; Watsu, Shiatsu, Myo-Fascial Release, Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy to name a few.

Her work is slow, intuitive, and nurturing, using essential oils, Tibetan bowls, and tuning forks to work in alignment with you.

Nina also offers Himalayan Salt Body Polish; an invigorating treatment made with essential oils and herbs to soften and detoxify your skin with a honey and clay facial mask and gentle massage afterwards. 

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Full Body Massage

Carol offers a flowing and rhythmic full body massage, letting you breathe into your body to create more space as she releases tension in the muscles. Relax and unwind as Carol brings your body and being back into alignment. 

Body Workers

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Acupuncture and Inner Alignment

Throughout his career, Guillermo has helped hundreds of individuals to overcome their limitations, heal their traumas and develop the skills they need to succeed and live life to the fullest. 


In his own words: "Many of us struggle throughout our lives dealing with unwanted behaviors and addictions, feelings of inferiority or unworthiness, unhealed traumas, and many other issues. We often fight those unwanted traits without much success and often live our lives in constant tension. What is surprising is that those traits are rarely the real issue; they are usually an expression of a deeper, hidden and wounded aspect of ourselves.


Embark with me in a deep journey through your being, where we will explore and heal these issues." –Guillermo Molano – Master Coach & Trainer

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