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Finca Mia can’t wait to hear from you, we welcome you to contact us with inquiries regarding your next stay at the retreat center in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle, or to find out more about any of our special events or services offered.


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Finca Mia

Los Angeles de Rivas

Perez Zelezon

Costa RicA


Sometimes the Costa Rican roads are a little out of

touch with what your map might say, follow our directions to find us

  • From San Isidro (known locally as Pereze Zeledon) take road 242 up to Rivas.

  • Keep following it through the small town of Rivas and at the end of the main town take a right turn to continue on the 242.

  • Follow the road up the mountain going past the villages of Guadalupe, Chimirol and finally Canaán. 

  • Once in Canaán you will see a chocolate shop Samaritan Xocalata and by all means stop and buy some delicious organic chocolate. After the chocolate shop take the next right turning over a small bridge and onto a dirt road, there is also a sign labeled to Los Angeles here.

  • Follow this road round and over the bridge and you will arrive at a fork in the road, stick to the left and keep driving up.

  • You're going the right way if you pass another bridge over the river, a small blue fortress on the right and the Los Angeles soccer field on the right.

  • About 50 meters after the soccer field there will be a stone wall on the right. Keep driving up past the end of the stone wall and past a black and white gate with hearts and on the right again about another 20 meters you will see a black gate with dried palm leaves weaved in, this is the entrance to Finca Mia.  You made it!  Welcome!

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