At Finca Mia we offer a variety of massage and spa services to help you heal, relax and make the most of your stay here. Discover our Spa Treatments and Meet our Healers and practictioners Before your arrival

Our spa offers unique treatments from each of our healers in the privacy of our spa cabinas set on the farm or in the natural surroundings of the Rio Talari.

Each of our skillful healers offer their practise and expertise to enhance the benefits of your retreat and increase your wellbeing.




Each of our relaxing spa treatments can be tailored to any personal requirements. 

Our offerings include:

  • Thai Massage

$120 / 90mins

 $150 /2 hours

$180 / 3 hours

  • Deep Tissue Massage

$120 / 90min

$150 /2 hours 

$180 / 3 hours

  • Acupuncture $90

  • Inner Alignment $120

  • River Spa $50 pp (min 4 people)

  • Tarot Reading *prices vary

The treatments shown above may vary due to the availability of our healers and practitioners.



Meet our healers before your arrival