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Our community projects at Finca Mia are focused on supporting the locals, protecting the mountains and raising a generation with conscious teachings and curiosity

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BreathE in Nature
at Finca Mia reserve

With great happiness, Finca Mia is now supporting reforestation and the protection of our lands with the Breathe In Nature project on the Finca Mia Reserve.

The reserve of 22 hectares supports Finca Mia in offsetting CO2 emissions, purifies our air and beautifies the planet.

We look forward to welcoming guests and volunteers to support us with reforestation and the planting of trees in the near future. Those that prefer to, can support with a donation to the reserve to help us buy the resources needed to fund the project and support the work to be done here.

Check back soon for more details and ways to get involved.

Escuelita Finca Mia

Our local school was born with the intention to raise and teach our communities children with consciousness, curiosity and respect for nature, following the Waldorf method.

Visit the Escuelita website to find out more and make a donation