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The kitchen at Finca Mia is the heart of our community. Here is where all our delicious and healthy meals are prepared and presented. More than just a kitchen, the open air dining room provides a place to connect, collaborate with other guests and unwind. We urge you to feel at home. Therefore we ask that La Cocina is a no-screen, no phone zone.  We have also added a nearby Juice Bar to serve your juicing and smoothie needs. In the Juice Bar area, we invite you to use your tech items and embrace the wifi signal.


Our Kitchen


The meals at Finca Mia are prepared with love and care. Committed to a high standard of nutrition, we use fresh, tropical ingredients to serve an orchestra of local flavours. No request is too big or small for the kitchen to cater to for guests with particular dietary needs.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the day, the kitchen works to ensure stomachs are happy and the community is well-fed with fresh, organic and wholesome foods.

Tropical Fruit Dessert

Served Daily from 8.00AM


Delicious and balanced breakfast buffets are served each morning including, organic farm-fresh eggs, healthy baked goods, homemade granola with yogurt, hearty oats and a bounty of seasonal, tropical fruits.


Served Daily from 12.30PM


Lunch presents a colorful array of fresh courses including savory soups, super food salads, entrees and side plates. All using the most superior fresh ingredients, grains and vegetables from our own farm and the local farmer’s market.

Swiss Chard
Pumpkin Soup and Garnish

Served from 5.30PM


Dinner consists of a five course nutrient-rich spread using local flavors and super foods. Enjoy wholesome soup, green salad, entrees and side dishes cooked to showcase the abundance of the farm and local farmer's market.

Including organic vegetables, whole grains, beans, sustainably caught local fish and local meat. 



Tea and Coffee Service

Available day and night, including fresh and dry herbal and fruit teas, locally grown and roasted Costa Rican coffee beans, and fresh local honey to sweeten each cup.


Dietary Catering

Finca Mia prides itself on catering to every dietary requirement no matter how big or small. The expert chefs specially prepare meals for those with allergies, grain or gluten-free diets, vegetarian, vegan, raw and anything else you may request.


Speciality Meals

The kitchen is proud to serve speciality dishes on selected evenings. Varying from pizza night - watch your pizza cook in Finca Mia's traditional pizza oven - to home-smoked trout and fish. These hearty meals bring the farm community together to do what food does best, allow you to relate, cook, eat and celebrate.

Fruit Shake

La Cocina And Dining Area Gallery

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